SIURELL Obra Civil

Siurell Obra Civil, S.L. is a company leading a corporate group that specialises in the erection of concrete structures, both in buildings and in public works.

It currently has delegations and branches in Spain and Panama, maintaining an operational infrastructure in Algeria, Chile and Colombia that allows it to undertake the execution of projects in those regions.

Since its founder commenced activities in this field in 1967, years of very important work have passed, with continued development leading to the company succeeding in becoming what it is today, one of the main companies for the erection of concrete structures nationwide.

During the years since its founding, Siurell Obra Civil has cooperated in the erection of very diverse structures, with a team of staff that includes technicians of middle and higher grades, with varied experience and results. Indeed it is an excellent organisation that has transformed itself into a company of recognised prestige in the sector whitin its area of work.

The confidence transmitted and an increasing level of demand have led to the successful execution of the most varied projects, including some of the structures of t he most singular works in our country, always with a commitment to quality and customer satisfactioin.

Currently the company has Registered Company certification from AENOR, which accredits its management in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard.

SIURELL OBRA CIVIL bases its activity both on the undertaking of public works, of urban projects and buildings, and on renovations, repairs and demolition. Currently, it is in the field of the erection of reinforced concrete structures that work is most regularly being undertaken - our clients count on us whenever the stipulations of deadlines and quality are fundamental in the execution of their projects. Works outside of the EU. The setting up of the Algerian branch of SIURELL OBRA CIVIL will facilitate the embracing of new construction challenges in the region of the Maghreb countries. At the moment, the erection of the structure for the convention centre in Oran (Algeria) is underway.