Job Offerts

Putzmeister pumper mechanic


Experience: 3 years minimum.

Training: The one required by their specialization.

Mechanic with a minimum of 3 years experience in repair and maintenance of Putzmeister pumps. Having meat to drive this type of vehicle will be valued.

Structure specialist manager

Experience: 10 years minimum.

Training: Basic Level in Occupational Risk Prevention.

Manager with accredited experience in the execution of structures in civil works.

Wirtgen Concrete Paver Driver


Experience: Essential experience and references

Training: Minimum training of 8 h. construction sector and specific course of this machine.

Wirtgen Concrete Paver Driver in Mallorca.

Concrete pumper driver


Experience: 5 years in the driving and handling of this type of machinery. Essential references.

Training: International driving license + Minimum training course of 8 hours in the construction sector and specific training of 20 hours or other similar related to the use of this machinery

Concrete pumper driver to work in Panama.

Self-loading truck driver.


Experience: 5 years. Essential references

Training: International driving license + Minimum training, 8-hour courses and 20-hour specific training or other related to the handling of forwarders, truck crane, lifting devices, etc.

Driver with experience in driving self-loading trucks and in support tasks for the execution of formwork.